Developing an Exponential Growth Mindset

Developing an exponential growth mindset

Incremental growth is focused on making something better while exponential growth is focused on finding something unique with lasting value.

Exponential is focused on 10X the results of incremental

It’s best to be exposed to unlimited upside with limited downside

Use timeless techniques instead of Neomania type techniques

Control principles instead of controlling people

Exponential growth is not the same as fast growth

Do not be afraid to fail

Examples of exponential growth in the everyday

Successful companies that focused on exponential growth


Airbnb growth since 2010


Uber’s exponential growth

Steps for generating exponential growth ideas

  1. Find problems to solve
  2. Use first principles to come up with creative solutions
  3. Test those solutions
  4. Focus on what will add lasting value



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Zachary Caudill

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